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Thank you for your interest in my projects

  • Animation of the Ising model: two colors randomly distributed almost converge to a single color over time.


    Provides a single top-level function, write_gif(), to write a 4-D NumPy array to an animated GIF. Pure Python. Depends on NumPy.
  • Screenshot of an ascii Tim Peters saying a quote.

    timsay — cowsay but Tim Peters

    Picks a random Python Zen aphorism. Has colored text. Demonstrates how to make executable Python zipfiles. With admiration for the Python legend (or AI?) Tim Peters.
  • Poster showing a bar chart of past PyCon talks.

    15 years of PyCon

    A poster for PyCon 2018 charting historical topics, from 2003-2018. Uses nltk and scikit-learn for analysis and for visualization.